About Us



Miam Miam Sebastien

My background is not cooking with fire; it's putting fires out. After 20 years as a firefighter in Paris and Strasbourg, all my family settle in Auckland at the end of a worldwide trip.

At the beginning

My children had a hankering for some French sausage, a taste of home. So I attempted to satisfy their taste buds with homemade sausage.

Miam Miam come from the initial reaction my kids had the first time they taste the sausages. 'Miam Miam papa' translate to 'yummy, dad' in French. 

What is Miam Miam?

Miam Miam are the French traditional sausages born from the ridiculous idea that food should be tasty and healthy. Original sausages that are authentic and home-made from just meat and irresistible French herbs and personality.